Auto Repair Service In Hollywood Fl
Auto RepairService in Hollywood Fl

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At Hollywood Auto Repair Center our family members are just like you. They can't afford to tie up their vehicle for the day. They, just like you need to go to work. Many of us even work the weekends (what weekends). We found the solution !!! We offer appointments at 5 & 6PM and you'll have your vehicle back 9PM that same night. Drop your car off and we'll take you home. No need to lose your transportation.

At Hollywood Auto Repair Center our customers enjoy up to a 30% savings from those "Franchised" repair centers. If you don't believe us, get an estimate from them and then come to us for a FREE ESTIMATE. You decide!!!
How can Hollywood Auto Repair Center save you that kind of money?? It's simple, low overhead. No fancy show room with cable T.V. and no Latte machines. Just superior service at an affordable price so that the working class can also drive a safe vehicle.
At Hollywood Auto Repair Center we take a special interest in all of our customers. You're the reason we're here. We know it and you know it. Dropping your vehicle off?? We'll give you a ride home or to work. We'll pick you up when it's done if needed.
At Hollywood Auto Repair Center we use only the Highest Quality parts that are recommended and having Qualified Technicians working on your vehicle and you're still saving about 30% compared to the Franchised repaired shops.